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UI/UX Enthusiast

I believe design should trigger positive emotions and inspire actions. The users deserve to have great experience on the web and on their mobile phones.

I absolutely hate when I look at a restaurant's website on a cell phone, and finding/reading their menu is harder than picking up Thor's hammer.

Somewhere during the process of designing and developing a decent amount of landing pages, I fell in love with UI/UX. It forces you to really think about the audience and be in their shoes. It makes you live outside of the box, ask for help and opinions, and grow as an artist.

Imagine A World

Where children have fun learning
Test scores don't define a someone's future.
Everyone is encouraged to learn creatively.
Education is not confined to a classroom.

My biggest passion is to redefine education.
I believe that given the right resources, anyone can shine. I believe education can solve extreme poverty. Education can change the world, if it's done right.

Sounds like you?

If you'd like to talk more about reforming education or do something about it, I'd love to hear from you.

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Recent Work
I want to do meaningful work

I enjoy learning new things.

I want to make a diffrence.

I love challenges.

If you think I can help you on a project, let's talk!

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